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Savour Indian Cuisine at the Indian Restaurant in West Lothian:

Indian cuisine is synonymous with spices as the food is seasoned by various Indian herbs and spices. Indian food needs to be cooked carefully by adding the ingredients at the different quantity and in a different form. They may be used as a whole or used in the ground form and they are mixed in different quantities to create the perfect result in terms of aroma, flavour, and texture. When you are based in the UK and want to try these special Indian dishes, you can just hop into an Indian restaurant in West Lothian and savour the delicacies prepared by the chefs.

The Aroma of Indian Food:

If you visit an Indian restaurant in West Lothian, the first thing that would strike your nose would be the lovely aroma of the food being cooked in the kitchen. The trick is the mix of various spices. They are used either dry or roasted or put in oil. They may be used as a whole or used in the ground form. The amount of chili which is used both in dry, red and green form, can be moderated as per the requirement and the amount of heat you can eat and the flavour which the chef wants to create.

The Taste:

Indian food is well known for its exceptional taste. It is not only loved by the Indians, people from all across the world also love this food. A good chef can create an outstanding result by blending all the herbs and the spices with the vegetables, cottage cheese, chicken, and meat of other varieties and serve you the sumptuous food. “Spice of Asia” an Indian restaurant in West Lothian serves Indian food which is cooked in the oven using a cooking pot called kadai, cooked in a clay oven, steamed, grilled as well as roasted to get the perfect result.

The Food Value:

Though Indian food is cooked in various ways, a good cook always puts a lot of emphasis on maintaining the food value while cooking the food. The various herbs and other condiments used in cooking also add to the food value. The chefs at “Spice of Asia” make the best Indian food as they put in all the efforts to create the original and authentic Indian taste, colour and flavour of the dish while maintaining its food value.


Spice of Asia – an Indian restaurant in West Lothian, offers you authentic Indian food at the most affordable price. You can either order food from their takeaway counter or eat in the restaurant. Indulge in the diverse menu they offer. The Appetizers, Starters, Clay Oven Dishes, Biryanis, Thai Curries, and other Rice and Bread are a delight for your mouth. You can also indulge yourself in the amazing wine and drinks they serve at the restaurant. Authentic Indian food will really make you fall in love with the food. And, what is a better way to have Indian food without visiting India as the Indian restaurants in the UK take care of your cravings for Indian food with a lot of love and care. 

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