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Indulge in the Delicacies Served at the Indian Restaurant in Broxburn:

India being the storehouse of spices has become synonymous withsumptuous food. The unique combination of spices and herbs make the Indian dishes so special and alluring. The intoxicating aroma of Indian food makes it so popular in every corner of the world. Now you canboost yourtaste buds with the enchanting aroma, texture,and flavourof Indian dishes in Broxburn, West Lothian.Spice of Asia, an Indian restaurant in Broxburn, offers a wide variety of Indian dishes to give a twist to your tastes. The service and the hospitality provided by the proficient staffs working there is bound to impress you and increase your love for Indian food. No matterwhere you are from, you should visit this place and experience the fine dining with the most delicious Indian food available in Broxburn.

Now you can treat yourself to the sumptuous food served atSpice of Asia–theIndian restaurantin Broxburn:

Eat at the restaurant or get it delivered to your location:

Indian cuisine which is cherished globally for its exotic aroma, you can now get it to your doorsteps or you can enjoy it straight to your desk by ordering from their takeaway menu.You can also enjoy their hospitality and the lovely ambiance with drinks and the sumptuous food they offer.

Wide options to choose from:

When it comes to selecting your menu, you will get a vast range of variety to choose from such as Appetizers, Starters, Clay Oven Dishes, Biryani, Vegetarian Dishes, Thai Curries and assorted Rice and Bread.

Sumptuous meal:

You can get the flavours of authentic Tandoori dishes such as Lamb Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Shahi Kebab, Tandoori King Prawn and a lot more which they prepare in the clay oven.

Unique aroma and flavour:

For the unique aroma and taste, spices are mixed in different proportions and different forms. The fascinating and alluring flavour is created by adding spices as a whole, ground or dry roasted to the oil which makes your heart melt and increases the cravings for Indian food more.


Whether you are going with your friends or colleagues, you can treat yourself with the best drinks which they serve. The combination of the food, drinks and the ambiance of the place will make you feel to visit the place again and again.

The best deserts:

If you crave for sweets, you can get an exquisite variety of Indian desserts to choose from to end your meal with. They keep an assorted range of sweets to choose from.

Spice of Asia is considered to be the best Indian restaurant in Broxburn. You can try the different Indian dishes and savour the unique taste. You can also order online and get the food delivered to your location. You can begin by ordering Chicken Pakora, Mix Pakora through the takeaway app. Every person has different tastes andfood preferencesbut on their menu, there is something for everyone to satisfy their unique tastes and preferences.

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