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Spices have always played a significant role in Indian cuisine. It remarkably adds that special aroma and the native taste in Indian food. If you seek out Indian food for its exotic flavours, rich aroma and texture, you can very well find thatin the heart of Broxburn. "Spice of Asia"- serves you authentic Indian food, with a whole range of speciality dishes to tickle your taste buds. They serve scrumptious Appetizers, Starters, Clay Oven Dishes, Biryani, Traditional dishes, Vegetarian dishes, and a whole range of Rice and Indian bread. Whether you are from India or you are from anywhere across the Globe, if you visit this place once you will make many more visits for sure. The Dine knows the trick of making people fall in love with Indian food by serving them the best and the tastiest food in town.

Takeaway or Eat-In Restaurant

The range of spices used to cook Indian food makes it so distinctive in flavour, aroma, and taste. The mouthwatering delicacies have become so popular among the people in the UK for its inimitable flavour. You can try out some dishes from their Takeaway Menu if you are running short of time or you can just sit there, enjoy your drink and the ambiance while a range of delectable dishes isbeing cooked using a host of Indian spices.

Various Indian Delicacies

The in-house cooks use a lot of seasoning to create the right texture and taste of the food. You can treat yourself with King Prawn Masala, Chicken Tikka Burgundy Red Fort, Lamb Cognac, Chicken Tikka Madhosh, Lamb Jalfrezi, and much more. If you are a rice lover, then any of the assorted Biryani items would be just great for you.

Tandoor (Clay Oven) Specialities

The Clay Oven creates the best and the most authentic Tandoori dishes such as Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori King Prawn, Shahi Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and much more. Their distinctive taste will make your heart melt and this will make sure that you make a few more visits within a very short span of time.

The Spices Used

Different taste and texture are created by using different seasoning. Some of the common spices of Asia used for seasoning are Turmeric, Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Cinnamon barks, Mustard seeds, Zinger roots, Saffron, Black pepper, Red chilies, Green chilies, Coriander leaves, Curry leaves, Mint, Basil, Cloves, and many such spices.

Spices of Asia used in various forms

Considering the taste andthe aroma to be achieved, the spices are added in various quantities, as well as in various forms. The spices can be used as awhole, ground, and dry roasted or they are just used to temper the oil to create a unique and tantalizing aroma.

If you are a food lover and you want to try out something Indian, then this is the place for you. You can visit the place alone, with friends and even with family and kids and enjoy an authentic Indian Takeaway Food meal at the most affordable price.

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